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User model

Business rules

superadminCan create, modify any user of any stores
adminCan create, modify any user from its pertaining store
admin_storeCan create, modify any user from its pertaining store
admin_retailCan only modify their profile, Deletion is not supported

Global Rules

  • User even if superuser can’t change roles
  • Superuser can’t create superuser
  • Admins can’t delete or modify superuser

Pages rules

User List

  • When login in as super admin all users are displayed in the list
  • When login in a any other admin only users from same store are displayed in the list
  • User cannot delete himself, he has to rely on other admin

Create / modify user page

  • Cannot assign group to superadmin
  • Self cannot edit it’s own groups
  • Self cannot change merchant store
  • Default selected merchant is current user merchant



Users belong to MERCHANT_STORE. Users are assigned to groups having predefined sets of permissions.

User database tables