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What is Shopizer ‚Äč

Shopizer Headless Commerce

Shopizer is enterprise open source e-commerce software for retailers who want flexibility, speed and control of their commerce platform. Shopizer is a software solution that gives organizations the ultimate flexibility to take an experience-first approach to commerce, with simple powerful APIs and built in stores models.

Key technical benefits

  • Built with Spring framework
  • Vulnerability checks
  • Open source and open standards
  • Cloud Ready: Deploy Shopizer in the public
  • or private cloud on Amazon Webservices (AWS), Microsoft
  • Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Run on premise servers
  • Run from Docker containers
  • Run from any Java servlet containers such as Tomcat

Shopizer is a an application composed of a set of services written in Java that serves functionality needed to build entreprise e-commerce systems.

The software can be used out of the box as a complete ready to use web application including a few web stores templates you can choose from. Shopizer can also be used as a restful backend application for serving a whole set of commerce REST apis on which you can build your own tailored e-commerce front store.

Shopizer e-commerce system provides the following functionality:

  • Catalog and products management
  • Shopping cart
  • Content management
  • Marketing components
  • Smart pricing
  • Ordering
  • Payment
  • Shipping
SoftwareSupports MySQL
Supports Postgresql
Supports MariaDB
Supports H2
Java - Spring Boot
Cloud centric
Container based
Open source Apache v2 licence
Catalog managementSKU based product management
One to many prices per item
Simple time based promotion
Complex promotions (Based on JBoss Drools)
Category hierarchy
Product options
Product variants
Custom product properties
Multiple stores
PromotionsPromotions applicable at item level
Promotions applicable at cart level
Customer managementSelf serve customer entry point
Social authentication
Customer registration
Rule based engine
Multiple currency
OrderingMultiple payment modules
Multiple shipping modules
Promotions based on shipping rules
Promotions based vatious property (quantity of items, customer...)
REST APIAdministration api
Products api
Customer api
Order api
Cart api
Shipping api
Payment api
User api
SearchBased on Elastic Search and Open Search
Search items
Search autocomplete
LanguagesOur language translator converts to multiple language