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Shopizer language pack generator

This software generates Shopizer labels for a new language. Shopizer comes with a few language packs already created such as english and frech; when a new language is required 2 options are possible (1) copy and create languages by hand or (2) use this software to auto-generate a new one.

Shopizer translation diagram


-- Most recent version of Shopizer on your machine -- An AWS (Amazon Web Service) account -- Java SDK (version 1.8 +)

prepare instructions

  • Clone Shopizer from github
git clone -b master

generate language instructions

  • Clone Language software from github
git clone -b master
  • Build language application
cd LanguagePackBuilder
mvnw clean install
  • Execute generate language
    • Requires shopizer directory absolute path (1)
    • Requires target language 2 letter iso ced (example es for Spanish) (2)
    • Requires AWS access key (3)
    • Requires AWS secret access key (4)
    • parameters 1 and 2 to be sent as execution parameters and parameters 3 and 4 to be sent as environment variables
cd target
java -jar LanguagePackBuilder-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar path language -DAWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xyz...123

Share your new language with us !

  • Sanitize and 2x check results before sharing
  • Open a pull request in Shopizer